Friedman making a statement maybe?

By: Torpedoman

Looking at $20M/yr... breaking it down, $20M for age 34, another $20M for age 35.. then the remaining $40M for ages 36-37? Arm surgeries twice during his 7yrs in LA, a few hammy's mixed in,  then the multiple groins.. once tearing it completely off the bone, combined with a couple of smaller followups incidents with it? I think they won't do 4yrs at his age, and they fear his healthy status suseptabilities. Bet they may have even offered more up front, but for a 1or2 yr deal. Guessing this is Ryu's last and only big contract oppo and he had to maximize it to follow up on his 1 career season. Also bet he'd have tried to stick in LA being that the Korean market here is the healthiest in MLB but needed to max his (4yrs) opportunity. Losing him might hasten a deal concerning Clevenger maybe? The cupboard ain't exactly bare.. May, Gonsoliln, Santana, Ferguson and probably a year away for Josiah Gray who could be the best of them?    

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