I think LAD have enough right now

By: Torpedoman

to win the NLW. (barring unexpected catastrophic injuries). I hope they can still acquire a fortifying  rotation piece prior to April/May though if any reasonable deal that suits their obvious business plan arises. Then comes the mid season deadline where they'll better assess the need to proceed through the post season. This plan can save possible prospects depth for the 1st few months, and its most likely a huge $$$ saving plan too.  

My bigger concern is blowing up our prime prospects list too early for "Lindor" whom although is a great player and vs Seager, is superior defensively. Cory Seager however is also a great player and also with MVP caliber upside. I hate the prospect of giving up on Seager too soon, especially as it takes more than a season to fully return from major surgery.. of which he endured TWO of them last season. Any deal with Cleveland specifically is going to most likely include a combination of players like Lux/May/Ruiz (or Smith) and probably Joc and or Verdugo, especially if Clevenger is packaged. So for the difference between Lindor v CS-5, I don't want to give up on more than any 2 of the above list. Add Clevenger certainly sweetens the deal but how much if acquired now, in this current 2020 offseason?  Regardless of the mechanics of these possible dealings, I must take May (Gonsolin & Jos. Grey too) off the table, especially as Ferguson and Santana are close but still a bit behind them.

Trade opportunities come and go but if you notice how each year the projected trade partner ALWAYS want our very best prospects. Although sometimes frustrating I commend our FO for holding tight on our best prospects, and it's because of our great up/comers that we've been able to continuously at least make the post season even of that World Series keeps eluding us.

If the Dodgers do have a significant weakness at this point of the season, IMHO it's how will Mark Pryor turn out? Losing Hunny for the first time in years could really take a toll. Pryor has never impressed me in the Show. Exciting as a Trojan but in the pro's meh.. We did get Josh Bard back which can really help our bully, but Pryor.. there's my biggest concern.   


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