What a WRIST SLAP!!!

By: Torpedoman

MLB issues 1yr suspensions to Luhnow and Hinsch, theam loses 1st two draft picks for 2yrs, and team gets assessed a lousey $5M fine. Say What? and NOTHING yet about Cora and Boston.  

Stro's apparrently get to keep the WS championship. WRONG. Oh and they only lose 4 draft picks over 2yrs.. JOKE! and then the $5M... what do you supposed they reaped by winning the WS? $150M possibly? 

Personal opinion.. The GM, MGR and BENCH COACH (Cora) who implicated the scam should be lifetime ban from baseball. The rest of the perps that helped progress it.. 10yrs! Hou/Bost stripped of their championships in all MLB records and zero draft picks for 3yrs!  ALSO the organizations post $100M fines because if the game loses integrity there is no more game!


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