Stand pat Friedman!!!

By: Torpedoman

I love the prospects you've hoarded and are developing. I think we have a clear road to win the NLW as we are currently consituted. If there's any issues, they can be met at the deadline. I do not want to assume sombody elses long term debt and cap tax issues. I don't want a 1yr renta-player and I definitely don't want to fork over $300+MM to anyone. We have a fully healthy CS5 who's capable and likely to perform at MVP caliber for years. We have him, Bellinger, Muncy charging towards FA and I'd rather continue with our development.. guys like May, Gonsolin, Gray, White... Lux, Downs, Beaty, Rios, Peters, Cartaya, Ruiz.... WTF... Stand Pat.. don't give up the organization to try to buy a WS Championship at the cost of year in, year out, continous contention level baseball. My family at very least gets incredible enjoyment watching the Dodgers in competitive mode for years.. we'll get the trophy someday and maybe multiples of times based on our depth. So STAND PAT!!! 

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