First favorite was


Bob Feller, even though he was past his prime when I started watching baseball in the early 50s. 

When the Dodgers moved to LA, everyone in my family and my community fell in love with Koufax.  Not me.  Probably because I hated the Dodgers.

Then, after I got a team of my own, the Angels, my first favorite pitcher was Bo Belinsky.  Saw his no-hitter, which really pissed off my mom, because Koufax didn't have one yet.  Anyway, for a month Bo was unbeatable and for longer than that he had a ball with the ladies in Hollywood.  Didn't last long, though.

Next favorite was Nolan Ryan.  Oh do I long for the days of no pitch counts, when Ryan would routinely throw 160-240 pitches, and anything but a complete game was considered a failure by the starting pitcher.

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