Stopped by Dodger Stadium Yesterday afternoon

By: PasadenaTrojan

They let you go in for free. The top of city team store was open. They let you shop and go and look at stadium. Actually you can sit in the seats and hang out too. It’s very cool. I remember reading about it when Bill P wrote about it as his favorite lunch spot. Good call for once. The outfield pavilions are getting remodeled for 2020 AS Game. Gonna be balls leaving yard. No lie. Saw McGwire do it in 1999. Earlier in batting practice and then later in game. He hit the roof and it bounced out. It was awesome. Left/Center shot. Only 4 dudes have done it. Willie Stargell twice. McGwire. Piazza (over bullpen) and Giancarlo Stanton (On roof and over). Was told Dodgers have plaques where the balls Landed on roof above. Im gonna find them one day. There have Been a lot of games and great hitters over the years. Only 4 have done it . Impressive. Maybe Muncy is next? Or A BelliBomb?
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