I heard they would play in only 3 states.

By: Dr. Spock

Arizona, Texas, & Florida.  3 divisions with no NL or AL.  Teams would only play other teams within their own division.  The timeline is they would start practicing in late May, with actual games starting in mid-June.  Most teams would use their Spring Training facilities but in Texas, some teams would have to use minor league fields or college fields.  They are concerned about teams playing games in their own time zone.  TV ratings and local fans being to watch the games are a concern.  The teams would also have to provide free, live feeds of their games on either YouTube or the teams' own website.

No fans would be allowed to attend games at first.  Eventually, the teams would move back to their home fields but with no fans.  Then maybe in August they would start letting fans in, but only at about 35% capacity.  As things improved, attendance would increase. 

Playoff field would be expanded and at neutral fields in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.  World Series would end in mid-December.


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