Watched Game 1 1988 World Series

By: PasadenaTrojan

on replay this weekend.  So good. Called by Vinny.  Oh man...those guys ever hear of cold wash cycle? lol. Those were some tight ass pants they were wearing.  Bash Bros sure didnt look as big to me as they did back then.  They looked big to their peers. No doubt.  But Tim Salmon was probably just as big 10 years later.  Mike Marshall and Franklin Stubbs were not small.  Ump called a good game behind plate.  Micky Hatcher hit first inning 2 run HR as Gibby's replacement. Now the moment.  Gibson.  Camera work was GREAT.  An inning or two before the panned dugout looking for him. Vin said maybe he's with trainer.  But now your starting to think maybe we see him later?  Its a possibility! Then he is there.  Bottom of 9th. He looks PUMPED. You could see he WANTED to get a chance.  OMG.  Intensity and focus was no joke. Real deal.  Didnt he win a WS just that last season? Stats on screen said 19 RBI's in 21 post season games.  Or vice versa.  Damn.  FU Belli, Machado, Seager. Half joking. I digress.  So the at bat.  Lasorda puts in PHer before Gibby who works a walk.   Think he stole 2nd late in Gibbys at bat lol.  WTF???  PHer was Mike Davis. He played 8 seasons with A's before Dodgers that year.  Ouch. Gibby has 9-12 pitch at bat.  Started off 0-2.  Bottom of 9th.  2 outs. 2 strikes.  Works a full count.  Grounds a squibbler that goes foul by 2 inches right before the Moment. Listen to this interview after by Gibby.  Watching the game he REFUSED to be interviewed.  He celebrated and said no to an interview and pointed to the dugout. Team must have made him come out.  What a good dude.  Great interview IMO.  "I had a pretty good idea!!!" Damn. Love it.  Good detail re: behind the scenes on how the moment happened. Dude LOBBIED for the opportunity.  All about God and team.  Good dude. 





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