I hear the same

By: Java

Players take 50% cut because they’re only playing 50% of games. Makes sense. Owners are taking that cut too. But beyond that 40% of revenue is in park spending and there will be none of that. So they ned to all reduce expenses more. Now the teams won’t have to pay Ugh labor at the park. Concession people. Parking. Security. Janitorial. So they’ll save some there too. But I’m not uNhappy at all that a guy making $15 million a year to stay on the disabled list most of the time like aj pollack could be busted down to “only” $4 million a year. I’m not heartbroken that owners will actually have to hunger and fight for fans. In fact. For mlb. NBA. All of them. I’d love to see them have to really right to bring fans to the park when that is allowed. I’m sick of the entitled Huge money attitudes that go along with the ability to toss a ball
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