MLBPA wants 70 games

By: coachemup!

The Major League Baseball Players Association has finalized a proposal to MLB for a season of 70 games, sources tell ESPN's Jeff Passan and Jesse Rogers.

The MLBPA's proposal includes a split of playoff revenues, sources said.

Following a four-hour negotiation in Phoenix between the leaders Tuesday, MLB emerged believing the framework of a deal had been agreed upon, sources told ESPN. The union disagreed with that accounting, and players Wednesday said they viewed MLB's proposed 60-game schedule as too short.

Absent a deal, the league has the ability to implement a season of its desired length, likely around 50 games, per a March 26 agreement between the sides, a move that probably would lead to a grievance from the players. The union surveyed player leadership about the proper path forward, cognizant that its decision could sour owners and prompt the league to implement a season instead of coming to a negotiated agreement.

In the deal MLB proposed, players would be paid their full prorated salaries -- a total of $1.5 billion, or about 37% of their full-season salaries -- and would receive another $25 million for postseason play and $33 million in forgiveness on the $170 million advance they received in the March agreement.

The postseason would expand from 10 to 16 teams for the next two seasons, and a designated hitter would be added to the National League in both years. MLB would donate $10 million to social justice initiatives and teams would be allowed to add advertisements to their uniforms, sources said.

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