Fantastic player...BUT...

By: coachemup!

He routinely showed up only 15 minutes before the game would start. How much more amazing would he have been? How about the guys who fought in wars? Christy Mathewson suffered from mustard gas inhalation that took place in WW1 and ended his career early. Forget the fact that he was an ACE in WWII AND Korea...what about the years Ted Williams and others served? And imagine the guys who got injured early in their careers? DiMaggio calling off Mantle in the '51 WS to catch a fly ball at the last second only to have Mantle fall and tear cartilage in his knee...AT THE AGE OF 19. What if Koufax had met with catcher Norm Sherry earlier (he advised him in '61 to change his wind up and not "over throw" every pitch) in his career and not torched his elbow only to retire at the age of 31?

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