Lol! Damn right Coach!

By: Dr. Spock

So glad to see real baseball again.

Hey, what do you think about expanding the playoffs to 16 teams? 1st round is a best of 3 games, then the normal playoffs resume.

I don't like it, even though my Angels now have a 57% of making the playoffs! My Dodgers are at 95%.

I guess if they keep it just to the weird, diabolical year 2020 I'm OK with it.  I don't know.

But better chances for my dream: Freeway World Series! Dodgers vs. Angels in The World Series.  That will happen some day. And it will turn my Happieness level to 11.  Maxed Out!

2020 is the best chance! Lots of MLB Super Stars in SoCal right now.

Bellinger, Betts, Seager, Turner.

Trout, Rendon, Ohtani, Upton.

Tons of runs.  This is The Year! 

Dodgers vs. Angels in the World Series! It will happen.  Love it!


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