DH etc

By: Torpedoman

After this season, I have to admit that although I'm pretty much an old school fan, I have flipped 180degrees on the DH coming to the NL. I've personally enjoyed it alot more that I'd have believed I would, having been totally and vocally against it for like ever. Maybe b/c my team (LAD) has the depth to be able to use the DH very effectively is the reason, but. regardless. I've enjoyed this change and am not really missing the small ball/pitcher decisions forced by not having the DH. Never thought I'd be saying this. 

Not sold on the 2B gift to start extra innings. Just not fair to the pitchers and the general philosophy of the Earned Run basically all just to try to shorten the gametime span.  I love this game the way it was intended. Change comes hard for me (ie: DH rule). If the games goes to extras, the game should continue as its always done. 

Digital Balls/Strikes. The level of umpiring, and especially many of the outrageous egos amongst the umpiring ranks has gone down hill annually imho. Consistency behind the plate has become something of a joke. See Angel Hernandez, West,Porter,Iasogna, Bucknor and plenty others. The technology is here. It's perfected, it's available in every venue, it's proven. This needs to happen starting in 2021 nationwide! Seems to me that the only hold up would be the f'n umpires union. LMAO.. This change benefits the entire game.


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