"things are good BUT

By: Torpedoman

The organization, his teammates, his manager, and the fans simply do not deserve to helplessly sit there and watch one guy constantly piss it all away down the drain.. just based on what HE USED TO be able to do. It's the managers job to prevent just that, ego's aside, the only thing that stays in the forefront is the monthly fucking paycheck that goes into his bank. It's business!! 

I've cheered for Jansen for years, but when the worm turns, the worm turns. Currently he and Floro are the only two pitchers that make me mentally suck it up when they get the call. I'm ok with everyone else on this playoff roster. Thankfully Stripling is gone, and Wood probably will be soon enough.... and the next phenom's in AA/AAA will be knocking on the door.. Finally Jansen cannot get the ball in the 9th inning again! 

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