Curious, what are your opinions on walks???

By: PasadenaTrojan

It’s treated as equal to a hit in WAR calcs. (Pretty sure!) just don’t see it that way. There are also in most other measurements like OBP and OBS as they increase a players on base percentage of course. But they don’t bring in a run. Only way it impacts the scoreboard is if that runner comes around to score which I would assume is 90% plus as a result of a HIT. Vs additionalWalks. Mookie has a few walks in this series. Seager has brought him home. Clearly one is more impactful than the other. I would value a walk is maybe 1/2 a hit. Of course Better than an out. Being selective and making a pitcher work is important. But not as valuable as a hit. Let alone an RBI hit. Runners in scoring position, for a positional player, is something I would really value In an evaluation.
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