Assuming you have a team full of

By: Java

Hitters.  Aggressive guys.  Walks are invaluable.   As good as a hit.  If your team starts to tilt the other way, toward passivity?  Then they're good for base runners, for messing up a pitchers, making him go from stretch, change his signs, shorten his menu of pitches with you on base.  And useful to wear out pitch count.  But other than that, not nearly as much.


So the DOdgers changed their approach from Games 1-2 to 3.  Lot of first pitch hits in the first 3 innings.  They were very discplined the first two games and the Braves P threw meatballs for strike 1 and then when ahead in the account they were able to dictate to Dodger hitters from there.  Game 3 LA waited for meatballs and pounded them.  Betts to open the game, Seager next.  Seager next at bat.  Rios HR.  A few others were first pitch hacks and jumps.   Good adjutments.


I have totally been there.  I teach or taught patience.  Hitting your pitch and sometimes that makes a whole team passive.  Most of the time it means wearing out the other team and not beating yourself.  OBA is a pretty valuable metric.  

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