Good stuff....

By: PasadenaTrojan

Agreed. Teams approach in Games 1 and 2 vs game 3 is great example of what we’re talking about. And comparing passive vs aggressive is exactly right. Neither approach is right 100%. We’ve seen that in these 3 games. But one big difference It was 3 different pitchers. Wright last night started game 3 vs 1 or 2 for a reason. Some pitchers will eat a batter up who is too passive. Same With too aggressive. Some won’t or can’t. I love OBP. Discovered it back in mid 90’s before MoneyBall Lol. Brett Butler as a Dodger and the Young 90’s Angels Team vs young 90’s Dodger Teams taught me how valuable it was. NY Yankees dynasty showed it again. MoneyBall confirmed it. Now it’s baseball law. Agree with the walks are great when a man is Already at first. Also Stats show walking first man of inning scores at a very high percentage so that also Shows its value. Just like hits/RBIs more. All else being equal of course. And that’s the rub. They never are!! So a good BA and a Good OBP is extremely valuable. And highly valued. But how are they with runners in scoring position or pressure situations.For example. I Would take a .250 hitter and .300 OBP who hit .400 with RISP Over a .300 hitter and .400 OBP who hits .200 with RISP. I don’t think that’s what is happening right now in analytics. The theory is take the .400 OBP and get 7-8 others and your in business. That is true. Championship Baseball is about the big hit or the big pitch. Analytics is hiding that a bit.
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