Malpractice to start Kershaw over

By: Torpedoman

May in gm 4 knowing full well that CK was no where near 100%.  Malpractice to have allowed Urias to throw 100+ pitches in game 3, "just to get him a 5inning W". Which shut him down the rest of the series. He had non leverage pitching to use up with a 14run lead in the 3rd inning where Urias was in the 50's pitch range, could have come out and then be available for bully work or a gm7 start if necessary. Malpractice throwing in the towel so early in gm 2, abusing obviously rusty Baez followed rusty Gonsolin to the mound. Malpractice even allwoing Gonsolin, Baez, McGee Woods, to even show up to the NLCS rusty, while building up the biggest lead in baseball coming into the post season. So, if we don't pull something out of our asses to win this series it'll be two consecutive years of missing the WS..which is consecutive back steps although AF has given him the best record in the game. It is time to find the right manager to finish the job. A friend suggested Utley! Sound interesting, but I'd take Cora in a hot minute personally! 

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