I haven’t seen the video but

By: Java

I heard Prior asked him to go from The stretch 100% of the time. Which is what We do with kids who have control issues. Just keep breaking things down and simplifying. My warm up routine is like that. I take a kid from the stretch and say knee up. And he holds the knee up. And pauses. Then I say step and go. So we break down delivery. I then say 123 go. And from the stretch he puts that front toe up and down 3 times. Balance. Same spot. Then go is there delivery. Warm up like that every time and you grow up understanding mechanics and your body. Also learning the importance of legs. Base. Lower body and core. I’m often surprised how little coaching happens at the mlb level. And how stuff like this isn’t done. Obviously worked out well for Urias. Time to go watch your video lol
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