The goal is to stay closed

By: Java

As long as you can and then rotate after you plant.  In the windup you tend to want to get a jump on your velocity and your upper body gets ahead since you're moving there anyway.  Sometimes it's hard even for a pro rto hold back and let your lower half do it's thing and be patient enough to follow with upper body.  We would call it land the foot and then step over the dead dog.  Literally rolling those hips.  If you're flying open and falling off to 1B then it can be a problem.  Having said that, lot of guys make a living throwing that way.  It usually just results in a lot of strain on the arm and shoulder and command problems.   Back to what I said about little coaching happening at the MLB level.  Kudos to Prior for trying and kudos to Urias for listening.  Most guys have to have a conference with their agent before they even think of changing anything.  Most baseball players don't trust their own brain.  They just want to keep doing what they do so they can get paid.  

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