Freeman has MUCH higher BA and OBP

By: PasadenaTrojan

.341 vs .291 and .462 vs .366. Way More RBIs too. Obviously Mookie led off most of season. Lol on WAR Mookie is at 3.4 Vs 2.9 for Freeman. The reason is mostly because of position. Much better hitters at 1st base vs RF so Freeman is “hurt” for being in a power hitting position. Hence my Critique of WAR when comparing different players who play different positions. There is also defensive WAR numbers. Mookie had almost a point there (.8 out of the 3.4). Not sure about Freeman. Mookie was great in RF this year for sure. I thought Rendon should’ve won over Belli last year. His stats were far superior and Belli won. So who knows how this goes.
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