Edwin Rios is the real deal. With no

By: Torpedoman

decision as to what happens with  JT and an associative decision about the DH in. the NL, They have to still be considering Rios as the platoon/backup for a long full season at 3B, because they are @ a year away from Cody Hoese  becoming their planned longterm 3B. I also don't believe Friedman will have interest in another one of those #300M contracts which is what Lindor will probably try to demand. If Kike/Petersen go, Mckinistry more than replaces Kike, and wt've multiples of OF cover.

I think we've got position players stacked and deep. Any significant changes  imho have to come to the bullpen. Liam Hendrix appears to be the hot subject so far. I'd give Treinen 2more also. I heard Brad Hand.. interesting for thought. I'm all for juicing the bully and am happy with our positionals right now. Then if Lux after a normal off season and strategic prep for entering the 2021 "brings it".. that's just a huge bonus. 

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