HOF Voting will be interesting this year

By: PasadenaTrojan

Bonds and Clemens are in their 9th year of eligibility. Obviously the PED stigma has kept them off and in the 30% threshold. Need 75% I believe? The other dynamic is the lack of star power. The list is filled with good but not great players. Todd Helton Jeff Kent Gary Sheffield Andy Pettite. This could help the legends. You gonna put in Jeff Kent over Barry Bonds and Andy Pettite over Roger Clemens? Hard decision. I was firmly against and very anti PED players getting in earlier In my life. Now I’m softening a lot. The guy who I think/Hope gets in this year is Curt Schilling. Dude was a winner. Unquestionably a big game pitcher. He was at 70% last time and is in his 9th year of eligibility. Sam dynamic of a lack of star power helps him here. He’s the best of the rest for sure. Sheffield may surprise. Always loved that swing! .292 lifetime BA. .393 OBP. 2687 hits. 1657 RBIs. 509 homeruns. War of 60. 9 time AS. 5 time Silver Slugger. WS champ. 1 time Batting champ. No MVPs tho. Those are some BIG numbers.....borderline but awfully close
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