I just don't want Arrenado. I don't

By: Torpedoman

want to lose our elite prospects for a guy that is average on the road and has not proven that he's even a PTP. LA's been able to not let him hurt them over the long haul anyway, meaing to me that the huge added $$$ of his contract ain't worth it. The price would be Gonsolin and Kiebert Plus. Screw that. I finess a 2yr deal for JT, while Hoese develops. Rios, Muncy, JT and Rios can keep 1B/3B covered. Ruis as a 3rd catcher is our depth as his development continues.. I think he'll eventually be the #1 in a yr or two anyway.

I forsee Lux getting the 2B job out of ST.. if he can keep it, it'll become a huge bonus. Also, Gonsolin is not the pitching that I want to leave this team. Same goes for Gray, White, and Santana, especially since Ferguson won't play in 2021 and you never know how that 2nd TJS will recover? I also believe that b/c of his injury prone career, Boras would accept an extension right off this hotstove in the #140-150M range. Regardless of Arrenado/Bryant or the man in the moon, I don't see CS-5 moving to 3B. He could one day end up at 1B tho.. but HE IS MY SS!!!  

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