The only Dodger I didn't despise

By: bread

Tommy won me over one year at Candlestick. There many fans were rowdy.  A half hour before the game TL would saunter down the field next to field side seats and get catcalls and worse from the railbirds.  Tommy would gvie back. everything they offered.  "Hey good to see, your wife let you out?"  He would infuriate them all the more. He enjoyed it.  I had to respect that.  

How bad was my distaste.  One year a kid was filling out All-Star picks and I asked to look.  It was at the end of Steve Garvey's careeer and his numbers had dropped badly. "Why did you pick Garvey?, he's stinks this year"

Kid looked up at me and said..."Cause I like him". I had set myself up for that one. 

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