Dodgers just pulled Keibert Ruiz from

By: Java

Venezulea winter league.  Then signed Tim Federwiecz or whatever his name is to a minor league deal.


Why are these related?


Because LA needs a AAA catcher and someone who can come up in case their top two guys, Barnes and Smith are hurt.  So Tim fits that bill.  WHat about Ruiz?  You don't pull a guy in the middle of winter ball who is a minor leagure because he's ready.  Esepcially someonw so young.  You do so because he's about to be traded.


Stay tuned to see who Ruiz is about to go to.  If they are giving up on the organizations 1 2 or 3 propsect, as he is purported to be.  Then the trade is goign to be quite big.  Who you suppose would be involved?  Arrenado is the obvious.  Any other names?


Many rumors at 3B for LA.  Including Siemens who would move from SS to 3B.  LA is tryign to keep all their options public to play the game against JT.  


I doubt they trade for pitching.  Pretty sure they would not trade sucha  top prospect for any bullpen depth.  You don't give up a 21 year top C prospect for a middle reliever.  

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