Recap ofFriedmans no name arms

By: Java

He’s added this year. This is a Dodger special. Sign 4-5 guys who are broken down. For minor league deals or mlb minimum. I vote them all to spring training. See if any have recovered as their agents say. See if Dodger coaches can add a pitch. Tweak a delivery. Take broken parts and if you can find one productive reliever you’ve spent very little to get a lot. Los Angeles added in Brandon Morrow, Jimmy Nelson, Corey Knebel, and Brock Stewart over the last few weeks. One move that went relatively unnoticed though, was the addition of Andrew Schwaab. LA singed Schwaab to a minor league deal in early December and of course there is Garrett cleavinger. As I recall the Dodgers had brock Stewart. Thought highly of him and he left via trade. Wonder how he came back to la
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