Remember what he did to John Candelaria?

By: Dr. Spock

1986 or 1987?  They were starting pitchers for the Angels and Sutton was struggling and trying to get his 300th win.  He knew Candy rountinely got drunk after games and then drove home so he called the cops on Candy when he was driving drunk.  Candelaria got arrested for a 2nd DUI in 30 days and was obviously pissed at Sutton saying Sutton wanted him out of the rotation to get more starts.  Sutton said he did it to protect the life of a team mate.  Ugh.  Candy had a long history of drinking. 

Terrible team mate but he did get 300 wins.  Borderline Hall Of Famer but glad he got in.  Last player to go to the Hall of Fame with a Dodgers' cap?  Yep: Don Sutton, 1998.

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