huge HUGE game tonight, Bruins!

By: LA Duck

And another HUGE game on Friday, Trojans!

But getting back to tonight's game, can my quacks keep up with UCLA's scoring?

Theoretically, yes, but my ducks haven't shown the propensity to be as good of an offense as they can be.

Will tonight be different?  I doubt it.  So much would have to go just right.  I don't expect the W tonight.

Again, typically you want to protect home court--especially if you are sitting at a 33-0 home record.

But in facing #2 UCLA and #20 USC this week--both with zero losses--I'd be THRILLED sitting at 1-1 in the p12 on Saturday.

And as good as my quacks are suppose to be, I could also very easily see 0-2 to start conference play...

These first 2 games will speak volumes about our teams.  (You guys will have no problems with Oregon State, of course--speaking of dumpster fires.)

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