WSU sucks

By: Java

And USC only plays Colorado, Cal Stanford and Utah once.  Colo9rado was really good last year or year before.  Utah's had some teams.  WA has a one and done freshman who is going to light some people up.  

As said, I am hoping USC sweeps ASU, WSU and OSU.  6 wins.   Gets two versus the Bay area schools and great plains schools.  Splits.  Then gets 2 wins out of 8 games versus UCLA, UO, UA and UW.  Not sure how or where those wins come from.  UW and maybe UA perhaps.  Either way, if USC winds up with 21-23 wins this year, they're making progress and obviously competitive.  Those other top schools are clearly quality basketball programs with some heritage.   Shoot UCLA even won a NC like, 20 years ago.  


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