Maybe but talent and recruiting

By: Java

Don't just go away when the ball goes up. Ucla has a ton of talent. Oregon has built a program. USC is doing a great job. Don't get me wrong. Fantastic. But they are two years removed from back to back last place finishes. So you don't just get 5 star guys running to you to turn that around. The fact they have some legit talent and are doing something with it is awesome. But the idea they are going to go toe to toe consistently with uo. Ucla ua and even uw at this point might be a bit of a reach. However it does appear they can snag each of those programs here and there. Last year they were better than ucla. Maybe this year uw. Keep that up and they'll permanently plant themselves among the top 4 in the conference. Good place to be. Zona finished 4th the year they won the nc
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