The Muslim attack In Istanbul had 3 la sparks

By: Java

Right next door. It channel two in LA breathlessly reported that good thing those players are all safe. Uh. But who cares apparently about the 35 people killed. Who cares about them. The sparks players are safe. I know. Great news huh? I bet you were losing sleep over that. I mean gosh. Who knows maybe um. That girl. That tall black girl could have been hurt. Yeah. That one. I mean wow. What would I ever do if that happened? Anyway. Rest easy. You and the 5-6 other lesbians who follow the WNBA sparks will be happy to know all is well. Oh in case you didn't remember. More people view this site every day than attended the sparks victory parade. Pretty sure more people attended my hs games than attended their victory parade. If I remember correctly I may have more Facebook friends than they had people attend their parade lol
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