Thanks, Tommy....but all that said....

By: LA Duck

...I do think there is a difference with, say, USC football fans and Arizona basketball fans, on one side, and Oregon football & basketball fans on the other.

If your somewhat recent history (last 25+ years) consists of Rose Bowl victories/MNCs/Heismans and conf championships/Final Fours, your expectations may be different than the average Oregon fan who has never tasted Rose Bowl wins, football championship games or Final Fours until the past 7 years or so.

So if TEE were a USC fan talking about football, I could at least a little more easily see his point, and maybe excuse him for being binary.

Or if he were an Arizona fan talking about basketball, same situation.

But he's (theoretically) a duck fan.  And thus his yucky entitled nouveau riche attitude is not at all acceptable.  :-)

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