I ignored the article while browsing

By: ManOfTroy

MSN.  "16-year-old threw down dunk that easily would’ve won NBA dunk contest" says the headline.  Of course, I'm like "yeahhhh right" Just ignored it.  But that artilce was so persistent, so ended up clicking it (saying to myself, this better be good), Then I saw it... and my jaws just dropped.  I had to watch it like 10 times lol.  The dude seems like the real deal.  He jumps as if he's bouncing off a trampoline.  He's got some serious air and his athleticism is off the charts.  And he's just 16??!!!  Wha?!  Also saw his highlights, can dribble with both his left and his right, and seems to also have a nice shooting range.  Hopefully, he stays out of trouble. Trouble often times finds that kind of talent.

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