So Oregon lost to the National Champs....

By: LA Duck 1 measly point.


I'll take it, though.

Along with a likely final ranking of the #3 team in the nation.  (Although I do believe Oregon would have beaten that Zag team I saw tonight....sorry,

No shame in that.

Just shows we could have won it all, and we deserved to be there.  Huge missed opportunity, though.

Some are saying if Brooks, Bell and Dorsey all come back, Oregon would be the defacto #1 team in the nation, and a shoe-in for the championship.

But......likely none are coming back.

Oh well.  I'm happy with what we did accomplish this season:

- School-record 33 wins

- First Final Four appearance since 1939

- First p12 team in the Final Four since 2008

- Second straight p12 regular season title

TEE would say this is accomplishing absolutely nothing without the national championship trophy, of course.

But somehow I gotta believe a bunch of Bears and Beavers and Wildcats and many other fans would have rather ended up where Oregon did this season....

And somehow I don't think the NCAA tourney has seen the last of my quacks....  :-)


BTW, I think there is a rule at CBS that if Oregon is in the tournament, there MUST be the obligatory Oregon cheerleader shot in the One Shining Moment

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