Nobody is saying it because....

By: LA Duck

...EVERYONE is assuming that all 3 underclassmen--Bell, Brooks, Dorsey--are gone, or at least 2 are gone, to the pros.

Read somewhere that ASSUMING all 3 stayed at Oregon, they would likely be #1 to start the season.  Not hard to refute.  Kentucky will be good, too.  

Ok, maybe #2 or #3.  Not a big deal.  But you only lose Ennis and Boucher, and you get a #10 recruiting class coming in next year, plus a number of bigs off of redshirting (Paul White and MJ Cage).

Oregon started the season at #5 this year, I think.  Will end at #3.  With all 3 gone next season, I don't think Oregon deserves to even be ranked--just too many new pieces.

(Oddly enough, hearing that of the 3, Brooks might be the most likely one to stay...also hearing that Bell is definitely gone.)

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