So let's just say Aaron isn't a coach killer

By: Java

But he's a little bit of a prick. And worse yet. His parents. We now he's grown up in Hesperia. Gone to school there. Somewhere in oc or la. Somewhere up the coast. Up in Washington. Then Louisville for a year. NOw USC. All of this moving around for basketball. We don't even know if he likes the game. Andrew Bynum didn't. At this level you need to. So let's say the kid is someone the staff would just as soon cut loose anyway. Not many D1 programs are going to offer a kid to sit one then play one. Especially one who is now looking to transfer twice. He's out of options. Meanwhile USC says hey. Bud. It's not gonna get any better for you next year. We have this hot duke pg coming eligible. Charles o bannon jr is coming in. De anthony melton really impressed at your spot. Charles is also a swing guy. Your stock may never be higher than it is. Now. If you were planning to head to the NBA after this year or next? May be this year. We need that ride. If you transfer you have to sit. Why not go play d league for a year or two. Or go Europe and get paid? You're not going to develop any more highlight tape than you have now and at least now it's fresh. Instead of sitting for USC you can get paid a little to shop yourself and begin to move up the ladder.
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