Possibly they won because

By: Bay Area Trojan

some of the opponents are already in the Playoffs and their spot in the playoffs is already set. For them, these are exhibition games that have no affect on their playoff seeding.

So at this time, a team like the Lakers wants to finish the season on a good note, with some wins. For the other team, it is "mark time" until the playoffs start this Saturday or Sunday.

This sort of thing usually happens in these last few days.

Utah (5 or 4 seed) beat Golden State (1), the Clippers (4 or 5 seed) beat Houston (3 seed), and Portland (8 seed) beat San Antonio (2 seed). If you think that means that one of the Utah, Clippers, or Portland will win the Western conference Title, one can bet on them up in Vegas. IMO one would be more likely to win on the slot machines.

But it is chance for the lower teams to shine while the higher teams save their energy for the Playoffs. 


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