OHT -- That Is Clearly A Response...

By: Terrific Tommy

to being beat up on the football board over the years by the few attacking, sky-is-falling group-thinkers (and no, I don't see you as a member of that group in good-standing :-)).  If I was 66, I'd be defensive as hell too.

Now, I like the C. Miller possibility very much -- even though signing of USC alumni is not a great rationale for hiring somebody.  But, look at the Cynthia Cooper's hiring for instance -- using her reputation as a great player, she really recruited some very good players.  What did her in was her autocratic style.  Miller, on-the-other-hand, is a legend at USC -- and my prediction would be that recruting talented, impressionable young players would be a slam dunk for her.  IMO, this would be a great hire -- unless, of course, Garrett has tainted her.

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