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By: Old Hickory Trojan

I am a USC fan and have been one since 1962 but I have questions when I read some stuff about certain things they do and I post news and USC site articles and opinion pieces written on that have had both posisitve and negative views about USC in regards to decisions that the school has taken including political decisions. But to clarify, the news articles I post are there for others to read and comment on and I will give my opinion as well....Included in my opinions are some of the following:

1.) Enfield is a decent coach and USC could have done a lot worse....and the fans need to support the guy and team a hellvsa lot better then they have

2.) Helton has the jury still out on him as to whether or not he is an average coach, a good coach, a very good coach or an excellent coach. I have not tagged him as any more then good at this point

3.) USC appears to pay lower then national contenders for it's coaches based upon the information provided in the articles that have been written regarding salaries

4.) USC is under staffed in the support staff they have for their coaches compared to some title contenders

5.) The new Coly design looks like it was pasted together like a ransom note....not attractive to me at all and worrisome as to whether it will have an impact on longtime fans and their seating

6.) I don't like some of the political "things" that USC is involved in...especially their reported position on diversity, safe space,illegals, and their position on pursuing legal actions against the NCAA

7.) Not sure about Swann as an AD but reserve judgement until he proves himself one way or another

8.) Was not a fan of Pat Haden

9.) Not a fan of Nikias and his leadership other then an impressive job with garnering large donations for the school where he appears to excel

10.) Love the history and tradition surrounding the University especially the football part

11.) When USC loses a football game it sets me in a foul mood for a few days more so then any other thing I can think of

12.) Not crazy about the PAC or its support for institution members when the NCAA went after USC. I think that USC should have considered jumping when the PAC re-formed with the new schools added since I don't see where USC benefitted from any of those agreements where as the rest of the PAC gained some

13.) Don't like Larry Scott or his managment of the PAC12. I think he has not performed to the level I had hoped when he took over

Thats about it in a nutshell. I have outlined most of the stuff I give opinions on and you can now go about selectively tearing into it again as is usual.

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