Fair enough here are some caveats

By: USC66

1. I think Enfield has done a really outstanding job in a short time the right way. 1. USC has always operated financially in a very conservative way largely because Only recently have they had the financial resources to throw money around. Their Business model is pay as you go in facilities, put money into the scholarship endowment Fund, 2/3's of scholarships are now endowed. They are endowing coaching positions too. USC is now very well placed financially for the future. It's good business. Very few schools Are in as good of shape for the future. 3. Do we really have to be in an arms race with Bama. We seem to be doing fine without it. And look for the NCAA to step in here. Very few schools can do what Bama is doing. And they really Don't need too. 4. Until they actually rebuild the coliseum then we can criticize it. It will change before it is done. 5. Nikita's has done a fabulous job as president. He is not anti football 6 agree totally on PAC 12 failure to support USC vs NCAA. Was not surprised 7. Direct tv fiasco is on presidents.
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