If I am the lakers I trade #2 pick

By: Java

I'd be curious if any team 3-5 would be willing to swap me spots and give me neztvywars first rounder to do so. I'll even give them top 3-5 protection. My opinion is that there are 5 top players and ball comes with much baggage. I'm also thinking I'd have no problem getting fox or Jackson at 4-5. Lakers may be lit jammed at fwd and moreso if and when Paul George arrived after next year. So fox may be the answer. Getting him and a first rounder even middle of the pack next year would be awesome Remember. La loses their top pick and their 2 pick next year. So having a mid first rounder would be really nice. Pick up a pick then plus a free agent. Would allow la to pick up 3-4 starters over the next two years
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