They keep the #1 in 2019 yes

By: Java

And they lose the one in 18 to the 76ers.  However, they lose this year's #2 and 2018's #2 instead of losing 2019's #1.


So they will draft at 2 and 28 this year.  Probably pick up 1 starter and one guy who SHOULD be playing in the upper half of the second team.  


Then they will have no picks next year.  Unless they make trades.  I hear teams are making offers for Russell.


2018 they will pursue Paul George, Durant etc.  George is fine.  The others will be too old and expensive by then.  IMO


2019 They get a draft pick again.  And believe it or not, all the way in 2020, 3 YEARS from now, they will be free from the contract mistake that is Timofy Mosgov and also Luol Deng.  Unreal.  



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