Also, if someone wants to

By: Java

Offer me a player right now who is a top 10 guy in this draft, or a top 10 pick?  I'll trade Ingram or Russell.  If someone wants to offer me a pick in next year's draft?  I'll trade either of them if I think the team will be feeding me a top 10 pick.  I'll even offer top1-3 protection.  

Shoot, I'd take a first rounder for Jordan Clarkson.  


Might take more than the above.  meaning might take a 1 and a 2 for some of those guys.  I imagine Ingram and Russell still have a lot of potential in people's eyes.  I think Randle is just a banger and LA needs that.  Think Nance is an affordable second team guy who can help.  Think Clarskon is too.  Think Nick Young and Ingram can keep the SF seat warm for Paul George.  




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