Mozgov and Deng...

By: Contrarian

The level of incompetence in the Laker's front office last year cannot possibly be overstated.  Everyone I know was stunned at the contracts given to Mozgov and Deng. Nobody in their right mind would have offered them half as much. Then both these guys went out and had exactly the type of year's I and most other people expected. In both cases this was not worthy of spending even a mid-level exception on, much less the $130-$140M the Lakers shelled out for two washed-up over-the-hill players.

Any ping-pong ball breaks the Lakers got over the last 3 years in the lottery were offset by Kupchak's completely idiotic free agent decisions.  They will be hamstringing the team for 3 more years.  

In my opinion, the team has no choice but the develop their young core this coming year, try to get George in 2018, and hope to become a consistent 45-50 win team in 2019 and 2020 before adding another quality free agent after that to make a push for another championship.

I hope I'm still alive by then.

..For the record, I think Lonzo is the right guy for the Lakers to draft.  As much as I detest his father, the kid's body of work at UCLA, although brief, was excellent.  

The question I'd have is if Luke Walton is the right guy to get this team to become hard nosed on the defensive end of the floor to win the majority of their games.  

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