Pelicans better do something, AD

By: Lexo

is not going to be patient for much longer. He has been in the league for a while now, and he has not sniffed the playoffs. The big question for NO is whether or not AD and Boogie Cousins can co-exist. If Boogie can 'grow up' that is a solid foundation for that team to build on as you said, but a lot is riding on Boogie's head. If NO allow AD to test the FA market when his contract is up the entire league will bend backwards to make room for him, but as explained earlier NO will always have his Bird Rights. At some point, an extra year on a contract will not supersede the need to win championsips. No one talks about the gamble that KD has taken sigining one year deals with GSW. Those moves indicate a guy who is not 'hurting' for money, or a guy who realizes that winning yields more money and a grander legacy.

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