Did you see what the young Ainge did?

By: Lexo

That was rather funny. He posted somewhere that Massaschusetts has a millionaire's tax to dissuade Heyward. LOL.

Hayward to Boston may still happen not really sure what the dynamics are on that. Boston has the inside track on Hayward because his wife wants out of Utah and Gordon played for Stevens at Butler. Miami jumping into the fray is a problem as you know Pat Riley can score beer at a Amich retreat so you can never count him out. 

I am good with what Danny Ainge is doing. Teams are looking at his chest of assets and they are demanding more from him than they want from other teams. Look at what Butler went for, look at what George went for, pretty much a couple of balls and a bag of chips. Indiana takes Victor Oladipo and his $21 million/year contract when Danny offered them three first rounders and a couple of starters for George. You know what is rumored they wanted for George? Bkn18 Lakers18 and a couple of starters. Those picks are potentially Bamba, Ayton, or Porter. I say no thank you Mr. Pritchard. Above all this, George would not even agree to extend with Boston. No, Danny did the right thing. If he gets Hayward that is good. If not, he should stay the course and build through the draft. None of these guys hitting the market are worth a godfather offer. If AD hits the market, then you can unload multiple assets and make that offer to NO. I do not think its worth it, but it can be justified. GSW builts through the draft, I do not think any of their core group before Durant went in the top 5. Draymond freaking Green was drafted #35.

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