look, Java is right

By: Lexo

their comittment to salaries is fast aproaching $160 million/year, and not even the big spending in the bay area will be enough to justify this cost. As far as jersey sales, do you wonder what percentage of jerseys you see are bootlegged? Revenue sharing does not make up for going over the salary cap. In fact you get penalized for going over the cap.

Green and Thompson's contracts may be under value at this point but they are still making 17 million/yr and 18 million/yr respectively -- they cannot keep both of them when their contracts come up. Klay seems to be the odd man out and he will be shipped out. Maybe to the Lakers if they do not mind keeping him in the West otherwise, they will ship him east. If the Lakers play their cards right they may be able to grab PG13, Klay Thompson, and WestBrook in free agency in the next couple of years.  GSW cannot keep all their four star players and high-power bench players. 

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