Jerry West to Clippers big problem for Lakers?

By: Lexo

Th eLakers for the first time in ages are involved in a big rebuild to get back to the top of the NBA. When a team hits rock bottom and has to climb back to the top I believe it matters how many teams you have to pass to get back to the top. This is why West to Clippers is a serious problem to the Laker rebuild because they have to deal with a team in their own city before venturing outward to deal with the likes of GSW, Spurs, Houston, Denver, and Minnesota in the Western Conference. This matters in the age of the NBA FA scrutinizing rosters before decisinf where to go. 

The Lakers can get good in a hurry, but they need smarts to get this done. Paul George is LA Bound, LeBron James is LA Bound. With an attractive Clipper team LA bound no longer means Laker bound. If Jerry West manages to change the image of the Clippers as the joke of Los Angeles, and he definitely has the track record, then LBJ, Westbrook, PG13, to LA may actually mean to the Clippers and not the Lakers. I am just saying it is easier to concentrate on the Jauggernaut in the Bay Area when you do not have to fight off the upstart Clippers in your backyard, especially now that the upstart has Jerry West and an owner with a load of money he is looking to spend. Balmer's quest to win has been hindered to date by Doc Rivers' rookie tenure as GM. This is the GM that led all his star players to pretty much beg DeAndre Jordan not to leave LA a couple of years ago. lol. 

It will be intersting what happens between the Lakers and Clippers now that the Clippers appear to have the better front office and an owner willing to spend money. Interesting time for the LA teams viewed in the context of the Western Conference landscape of the NBA. GSW is solid and set for a couple more years, Houston is probably looking for a couple more peices to add to Harden and CP3, OKC has Wetbrrook and PG13, the Spurs have been quiet, but Denver brought in Millsap. These are  the teams that LBJ will be looking at when he decides whether to part ways once again with Dan Gilbert who appears not to be enamored with spending money to build a team that cannot beat GSW.  Not sure those teams do it for LBJ roster or location wise. He really wants to be in LA, but the LA teams have to show him the way to victory over GSW. If Jerry West can put together an attractive team that needs only two more superstars to beat GSW,  LBJ and PG13 may team up in LA, not with the Lakers, but with that other LA team.




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