Possibly but I am skeptical

By: Java

When I was in college, I had great hops.  I won the USC intramural and IFC 100 and long jump.  For a white kid who wasn't that tall, I could get up there.  Could dunk a basketball.  One day in North Gym, I was in a 3 on 3 game and went down the lane.  Went up and up and up and I knew that was the moment.  I reached up and slammed the basketball.  Right.  Into.  The front. of the rim.  


Now picture a bugs bunny cartoon or road runner where Wile Coyote is in mid air.  Looks around. Realizes he's stuck and then falls?  OK.  That ball I shoved into the front of that rim for like.  10 seconds.  Just hanging in the air.  Could NOT get it over the edge and into the hole.  As I realized where I was, I also realized my feet had contued to move forward while my body stuck to the rim via my arm.  Right around the time.  I thought I could JUST get it over the rim, I could not and alas.  Isaaac Newton was right.  The apple falls.  And so did I.  I never got that close again.  Funny too.  Had I knwn how much it would bother me over the years I'd have spent that time period just working to get that extra inch or two on my vertical and always be able to say I slam dunked a BASKETBALL.  But alas, I was studying and chasing girls.

So what does this have to do with the Clippers?  They came down the lane.  have had great hops the last few years.  They've hit the front of the rim.  And I don't think any extra work by Jerry West is going to defy gravity here.  I hope I'm wrong.  But I think his is the wrong time, wrong place, wrong circumstances to be joining the Clips.  


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